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Charlie Profile Pic
    This is my first ever shitty attempt at digital art. One of my friends wanted to have a custom profile pic and I feel I did them... well. My hand hurts.
My Sexy OC
    Oh hay I finally posted this nerd again, just you know, had a make over so he's work in my "story". But yep here's Ozwald, a Pardoner of the Peoples Sin, a name I might not keep. Him and his sister Phyllis are honestly my favourite "ocs" of the bunch though. I got a picture of Phyllis so I might post that later. ALSO, Marry Shitscram.

    In the case of Ozwald. He, unlike his sister, stayed in the Church of Sin (creative name I know) with his father, Adalbern, and slowly watched his "kingdom" fall. As the son of the Earl of Lübeck, Ozwald was vary high "ranking" in the Church of Sin. Okay that's a stupid name, I'm calling it Dick Suck Palace from now on. Once they hit of age, 15, I know vary generic, Ozwald and Phyllis both made their SACRIFICE TO THE GODDESS OF SIN, WHO OF WHICH I HAVEN'T NAMED! This involved sacrificing their senses. Ozwald crudely tore out his eye and Phyllis cut off her tong, that is due to crazy religious shit that I'll talk about in her thingy. After making this sacrifice, they were able to dawn the cloak of a Pardoner of Sin, it's super fluffy. You can't see it here because I'm lazy and only gave y'all a bust shot of him but he also has not one, BUT TWO weapons. A nice mini-scythe (don't remember the name sorry) and a good ol' straight sword that, TLDR, makes people bleed a lot. 

    So later in his life, Ozwald has to pick up the slack from his father because he's going crazy from the Dick Sucker's inability to realize that the "goddess" they were worshiping was an ass that never responds o your multiple messages OKAY SOPHIA! ANSWER MY CALLS! Anyways, it turns out the goddess that was talking to them was a fake demon and they all turn into giant bird monsters. Yaay. His father, as being the one who sucked the most dicks, became a grotesque monstrosity that is helt up in the Old Chapel, built in an abandoned part of Lübeck and is guarded by a half bird Ozwald, unable to communicate in anyway. On his final breath, he uses his sword and slashes his throat, using the blood to channel the power of the SIN! Because you know, he's so consumed by devil stuff that he sorta can't tell how to even. But living, he can do that.

    So in the case of personalty, Ozwald is an ass, but a romantic ass. He's fun. He also likes to eat cake, but that's not really important to the story. He's sorta a pointless side-character that I fell in love with so I didn't really think about a DEEP personality. But he's also apparently gay, I mean Paladin Pizza wants to fuck him and I'm sure he would too.

I'll put a link here to Phyllis' page when it's up because she's sorta important: Not here yet nerd

    Ozwald doesn't like nothing, he is WAY too happy to live and be part of this world.

    It was a cool dark summer day.

    After the mass murder of 1996, I never thought I would ever listen to music ever again. But you see, today was a vary important day, KidzBop were to be recording their new album. I never did get into KidzBop a a kid, but today I had the feeling... The feeling that if I do this I will find true love.

    I made a mad dash to closest Walmart. When I got there I scrambled to find the most top quality KidzBop album I could find. Then I found it, KidzBop 36! When I got home I poped that bitch into my old 1940's radio. I could no longer even. The power of KidzBop was to strong!

    After a long nap I woke up to see a tall man in front of me. "Who are you?" I asked the dank man.

    "My name is Bernie San Hand, the apostle of KidzBop..," 

                            .....To be continued... 



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